Azulin 50% – Hermógenes Vasquez Garcia

San Luis Amatlan Palenque Sourced Mezcal

This batch of Azulin from Hermógenes is Agave Americana not Agave Tequilana. Purchased directly from the palenque, there are very few specifics about this batch. Unknown distillation date but I can assume the production methods are no different than other batches. Machete and shredder processed agave, then twice distilled in copper pot stills. Bottled at 50% with hearts and tails adjustments as well as a común cut from the first distillation.

See NETA’s page for Hermógenes for more details on production.

Tasting Notes

The nose brings a lot of fruity floral notes along with some pleasant funkiness. A baked brie and cranberry compote savory aroma. Ginger, clove, fennel, and peppercorns. Herb butter over mushroom risotto. Floral green tea. Lavender, camomile, jasmine. Dank wood elements of pine needles and fresh mulch. Metallic aromas of copper pennies and nickel. There are citrusy tart notes that fade away with more air time. Lemon oils, lime leaf, and pomegranate.

Tart and savory Mediterranean flavors on the palate. Lemon, cedar, briney fresh muscles, and rice. Cashews and pine nuts. Tart berry flavors are still present but lean into savory pairings. The chemical, robust, earthy flavors, cut through the floral and fruity notes. Slate, chalk, and paper. These flavors are cemented by an overall green vegetation profile.

On the finish, I got a lingering spice and lumber yard note. Fresh pinewood, clove, allspice. Spiced chai, turmeric, and cinnamon. Some tobacco and black tea are present with lots of leafy greens. The finish is a touch short and flat, however, a pleasant olive oil-like consistency coats your palate.


This was a fun mezcal. I liked where it was going from the start, it just kind of fell off on the back end.

I’ve had previous batches from Hermógenes but I think this is certainly a favorite now. I love the tart berry notes with a touch of anise. Perfectly sweet and savory to me. If given the opportunity to purchase more Azulin in the future, I certainly will.