Linkwood 2008 13 Year Redacted Bros. 52%

K&L Single Cask Refill American Oak

A tandem review to go with my last Linkwood post. I went with a side-by-side approach to understand the cask and malt flavor from an ex-bourbon release. I also really wanted to dive into the malt character with this review and see what Linkwood offers at a higher proof.

Tasting Notes

Tasted neat in a Glencairn with 15+ minutes of rest. Dilution added throughout the tasting.

The oak and alcohols are much more present on the nose. Rusting steel tools in an old wooden toolbox. Prarie fields – wheat, barley, clover, wildflowers. Prominent baking spices with lots of peppercorns, allspice, and freshly grated ginger. The malt character comes through in a much more commanding way. Hay and overgrown grass meadows. Fruited white tea with peach and apricot aromas. Pleasant scents of clean line-drying linens. Apple orchard in picking season. Gardenias. Elegant malt with delicate farm and floral elements.

The palate brings this boldly spiced ginger snap and browned butter flavor. More peppercorn and toasted cereal pieces. Cork flakes with that hint of honey. Puffed wheat cereal. Apple cider. Ceylon cinnamon, star anise, clove. Shortbread or almond cake and raw cane sugar. More fruity aspects arise with additional air and water. Finally, on the back of the palate is a tinge of bitter tobacco leaf bringing a full spectrum to the experience.

Malty, bitter ale finish with an almost hoppy grassy flavor. Full gambit of spices with nutmeg and dry ginger as well as toasted peppercorns. An intense cask influence as you sip is delightful. Autumn or Winter confectionary treats of gingerbread and spiced pumpkin pie. Rye bread and sweet French cream butter. Christmas breads, plum pudding, creme brulee. Full complement of baked goods and sweet treats.


Unexpectedly wild representation of Linkwood in this bottle. Very similar notes to previous bottles I’ve tried but the flavors dialed in even more. The grains were even more pronounced and appreciated. The malt was soft yet balanced.

The nose reminded me so much of walking through blossoming apple and pear orchards in Virginia. Or taking a stroll through a botanical garden in Kentucky. The aromas were intense and distinct. It was not at all difficult to pick these notes out. The palate brought spiced bread and sweets flavor as if you open the door to your local bakery and took it all in.

I kept wanting to pour another dram to experiment with more dilution or air but honestly just a drop or two works perfectly enough. Thankful I bought a full bottle for myself because I will enjoy this one entirely.