Mal Bien Papalote Reposado en Vidrio 46.7% – Tomás + Emiliano Gutiérrez

Nearly 7 Year Glass Rested Mezcal

This very special batch was produced by Don Tomás and his son Emiliano. It was rested for a significantly long time in glass and allowed the flavors to mellow and change the viscosity of the final product.

Full details on this batch can be found over at Mal Bien.

Instant a recognizable blueberry scent on the nose. I didn’t believe berries was a note I could get from mezcal but here it is so perfectly represented to me. This slightly tropical and lactic note keeps rising to the top. Underneath more detergent/soap and clean mop water. The alcohol vapors are more present as I let it rest and the fruit disappears. More roasted root vegetables comes forward in place of the berries.

On the palate it’s initially a blueberry milkshake. I can’t imagine it any differently. Lots of incredibly nice pepper and heat with this fruity balance that just takes hold and mellows out the temp of the chilies. As it sits longer there’s a creamy texture to it that I really rather enjoy.

Wood and leather dominate the finish for me. The mild cream quality is still lingering in there also. The fruit is there but is behind a more savory grilled and caramelized onion flavor. Overall the finish is on the shorter side and a bit of a let down. You’re left with a dry bitter note that is unpleasant to finish off what was so botanical and fruit forward.

I enjoyed this and I felt like with time in the glass it became something more balanced than the wild blueberry milkshake it started out as. I really was one dimensional and disappointing but as it evolved with air, it opened up beautifully. After tasting, I purchased a bottle for myself.