NETA Ensamble 2019 50.7% – Miguel García Jarquín

Special Occasion Field Blend from Miahuatlán

This ensamble is predominantly composed of wild Madrecuixe and Jabalín as well as some Bicuixe. Harvested from the family land and surrounding communities. The field blend was cooked together and then co-fermented prior to distillation.

Miguel García Jarquín is the son-in-law of Hermogenes Vásquez and Paula Aquino Sánchez. After marrying their daughter Felicitas, he made this first batch on their palenque. The proceeds from selling this batch were used for the baptism of his and Felicitas’ newborn daughter. Half of the batch was sold locally to friends and family.

Batch ENSMGS1911 was an exclusive European release with only 71 bottles available.

Tasting Notes

The nose starts innocently enough. It’s subdued with a wild wisp from the Jabalín every so often. Raw vegetables – potato, yam, baby corn, sweet peas, and eggplant. Savory nose of glazed honey ham with herb and chili butter-basted mushrooms. Fragrant, fresh floral aromas that present themselves like a herb and flower garden. Honeysuckle sweet, green vegetation.

The first comment I want to make about the palate is the decadent texture of this mezcal. It’s rich and clings to your tongue with the flavors enveloping your palate. Stir-fry vegetables, steamed in bamboo. Herb garden – cilantro, chive, parsley, oregano, and a slight touch of dill. There’s a wonderful light wood flavor that I’m discounting a bit. It harmonizes so well with the farmers’ market produce stand flavors. There is a mild sweetness that builds up on the sides of the tongue of honey and agave syrup. It was subtle but you can really notice it with your subsequent sips.

Sublime finish. Simply perfect. Lingers for a long while with a flawless balance of herbs, wood, and vegetables. Vegetable curry. Eggplant, onion jam, stewed ratatouille. Soy, ginger, sesame oil, mirin, and a mild Toban Djan sauce. Some tart and fragrant apple cider vinegar note brings brightness and acidity. Bitter green salad flavors build at the back of the palate of raw radishes and dandelion greens. Finally, a fruity, sweet corn flavor sticks to the sides of your cheeks.


The last time I was this excited about a mezcal it was with another NETA bottle from Ranulfo García. This batch is absolutely amazing. I’m thrilled I got the chance to even try it.

The flavors work so well together and harmonize perfectly on the palate. At some point in my review, I was sitting back and simply enjoying my glass, admiring the complexity with every sip. I didn’t bother setting a portion of my sample aside to try on another night because tonight, it was perfect.