5 Sentidos Ensamble De 4 Magueys

Aficionados exclusive agave selection for Seelbach’s

While I missed out on owning a bottle for my own, I have no fomo thanks to kind friends offering to share with me.

This specially selected batch of Mezcal was produced by Atenogenes Garcia. This 60 liter Ensamble is a blend of 45% Bicuishe, 25% Coyote, 25% Tepextate and 5% Madrecuishe. Roasted together in an underground oven, fired with guamuchile and mesquite wood for 6 days. Crushed with a tohona then fermented for 6 days with calcium rich mineral water. Double distilled in copper alembic stills and proofed with water and tails at 47.5%

I initially got a slight cheese funk when I poured my sample. Fresh cut grass and hay. A sweet potato starchy note really stood out. Deep down there’s an unripe avocado and lots of vegetables. Green onions. Pit of plastic wrap and pleather notes.

The plastic and rubber is heavy on the palate. Super creamy texture. Burnt green wood. Caramelized onions. Watermelon rind with a bit of brininess but not pickled. Weirdly figs. It’s like a vegan taco.

The finish has a lot of savory caramelized onions. Dried herbs and I’m left with a slightly salty taste on my tongue. The plastic/rubber note is more burnt wood but it’s present on the finish.

I think this should be renamed to “Ensemble de 4 Onions“. It’s a pleasant sharp green onion on the nose. Garlic and caramelized onion on the palate. Then you finish with a dried herb and garlic/onion powder like saltiness. A bottle you really have to be in the mood for and would complement food well. I’m now craving sweet potato tacos!