Creador Espadín Capón 47.7% – José Alberto Pablo

100% Capón Agave Batch JAEC1122⠀

I’ve previously reviewed an Espadin batch from Jose back in 2022 and remember the delightful vegetal brightness from his clay pot mezcal. This batch, however, is a bit more special. If you’re unaware of what capón means I’ll let Creador themselves explain it best:

Capón is the act of cutting the quiote when it is jutting skyward from the center of the agave. This takes tremendous energy, which is in fact, sugar. With the quiote cut and nowhere for that energy to be expended, the sugar stays in the plant and transforms until the agave is harvested. The result – destilado with distinct and delicious characteristics.

Capóned agaves are such a fascinating mix of science and craftsmanship. Bringing more fermentable sugars and also a wealth of new flavors to explore in distillation. I recommend taking a look at Creador’s website to learn more about José’s process and the creation of his first Espadín Capón batch.

Mezcalero(a): José Alberto Pablo.

Maguey: Agave Angustifolia.

Region: San Bernardo Mixtepec, Oaxaca.

ABV: 47.7%.

Oven: Conical rock-lined pit; 4-5 days days with Nogal wood (walnut).

Fermentation: Native yeasts, 4-7 days in buried 90 liter clay pots, with water added after 1-2 days.

Distillation: 2x in clay pot stills, fired with Encino wood (oak).

Batch size: 300L

Batch Number: Release 2, batch JAEC1122.

Price: $100

Tasting Notes

Nose: Right from the nose I get this plasticine and orange soda combo like sweet Play-Doh (in a good way!) White grapes and citron. Incredibly fruity start with some underripe mango and strawberries. Cooked lemongrass, agave, sage, and bell pepper bring some green herbal elements to the nose. Buttered popcorn, pine nuts, and sunflower oil. There’s also a lactic or fermented quality about this mezcal too. Pineapple, Granny Smith apple peels, pulque, and vanilla yogurt. A fascinating nose with much to explore.

Palate: Sweet and soft floral notes on the palate. Potpuri, marigolds, and bee pollen. More cooked agave flavors with familiar agave syrup sweetness. Pithy citron rinds bring a bitter quality to the glass with more green apple sour notes popping up alongside. There’s a certain bread or grain quality here too like sweet oat cakes. Herbaceous flavors come out over time as this rests in my glass. Parsley, basil, thyme, and even a touch of chocolate mint. Lastly rounding out a more vegetal note is some grilled asparagus with rosemary butter.

Finish: The finish brings all of those earthy clay notes I expected and a slight surprise. Dark chocolate and herbs like a smoking rosemary garnish in a cocktail glass. Mesquite, BBQ smoky wood, and ash flavors. Burnt toast and peanut oil fried hashbrowns. I’m getting more grilled lemongrass on the finish and the charred bitterness reminds me of cacao nibs. This is a nice change of pace with the more sweet flavors from the palate.


I think this mezcal is simply delicious. It goes for that sweet profile thanks to the capón but brings the funk with the double clay pot fermentation and distillation. The viscosity is also perfect. Velvety and allows you to savor every sip. It clings to your tongue and the insides of your cheeks, lengthening the finish longer than you expect.

My affinity for sour notes also plays a role here. As soon as I caught even the faintest glimpse I was in love. Focusing your attention on one of the many flavor profiles in this mezcal is a rather enjoyable experience. I like the diversity of clay pot distillate, and I’m eager to jump into more mezcal from Creador.

Final Score: 91