Mal Bien Mexicano 48.26% – Emanuel Ramos

Agave Mixtape #2 Selection Sample Review

I joined Agave Mixtape with box #4 but was graciously sent samples from previous boxes. It’s what ultimately got me to sign up for my own subscription box!

This pure Mexicano batch was produced by Emanuel Ramos. Created in celebration of the birth of Emanuel’s second child and is a treat to join the Ramos family. This 14-year-old agave was roasted in underground pits for 6 days and then fermented for roughly a week. It was distilled twice in 2 separate refrescador stills.

Tasting Notes

On the nose I initially got this whiff of a healthy alfalfa smoothie. Bit of lactic and unripe white peach. Damp hay. Plastic solo cup. A rather pleasant sweet balance on the nose.

Dry and hot initial sip. A bit like a spice and herb rub mix. Paprika sweetness with a cumin kick. Earthy richness that reminds me of cashews. Oily and thin – like a broken emulsion. Rich fruity sweet note on the very tip of my tongue.

On the finish I got this real dry texture. Coffee bitter note. Ground, roasted, and dried chili peppers. Bitter salad greens. Slight cider vinegar and pear skin. Roasted carrots and caramelized onions.


This is a challenging glass if I’m being honest with myself. It’s got a bit of everything going on in it. I enjoy it but I’m just not in love with it. The bitter finish by itself is great and is lovely but it kind of clashes with the flavors that I’m getting on the palate. It’s honestly a bit confusing to me and if I think less about it I’d probably enjoy it more. Definitely overthinking this one tonight but it’s making me want to try other Mexicanos.