Maguey Melate Tequilana 48.8% – Victor + Emanuel Ramos

July 2021 Mezcalero of the Month

Maguey Melate was the first subscription box I threw down on just due to the weird and funky stuff they bottled. Some months are really unique and fun and I have no regrets paying for quality mezcal.

This month was from a producer I had experience with before. Victor and Emanuel Ramos are a father/son duo producing some excellent mezcal. I’ve never had Agave tequilana from a region outside of Jalisco before. I’ve especially not had a Tequila made with a refrescador still so I was excited to try this one.

This is incredibly subtle and light on the nose. I get a slight vegetable and familiar agave notes. Earthy grasses and fresh bell pepper. It’s clean and raw flavors.

On the palate I got this bright citrus note with an incredible texture. Creamed sugar with lemon oils. A bit of an antiseptic flavor filled my nose while I was sipping. Some roasted vegetables hits after that first sip burn has mellowed your palate.

That roasted pepper flavor is back on the finish with a fresh popsicle stick woody flavor. Dry finish, very similar to a previous Ramos bottle I’ve tried but this time that dryness lead into a salty note. The salinity encourages you to enjoy another sip.

This is a very very good bottle and it’s well made. I find this is more interesting than many Tequilas and Espadíns I’ve had. It’s an exciting Tequilana and it’s a bottle you’ll want to revisit often.