Mezcalosfera Espadín 49.7% – Juan Garcia

Miahuatlán Mezcales Tradicional An Unassuming Espadín

I do not have much info regarding Juan Garcia’s palenque so I’ve reached out to Mezcalosteca in hopes I can learn more about this maestro.

Batch 01ESPUSA-21 was produced in March 2020. Stone ground and roasted in a conical underground oven, fired with mesquite. Wild open fermentation in wood with well water. Distilled once in a refrescador still and bottled at a final proof of 49.7%.

Tasting Notes

Savory vegetable aromas on the nose. Asparagus, Brussel sprouts, scallions. Pickled artichoke. Beet juice. A fair bit of avocado and sesame oil. Herb butter, kosher salt, seaweed, and oysters. Iron, tin, and aluminum. There’s some lactic quality as well and perhaps a bit of a sweaty insole note as well. Funky, briny, all with an underlying wet tobacco leaf aroma.

The palate brings more forest, lumber, and grassy flavors. Citric acid, lime medallion, sour, and pithy bitterness. Rich and oily cashews. Honey herbal lozenge. A heavy minerality – gravel, slate, asphalt, iron, calcium-rich mineral water. Fresh cut lumber. Lastly some savory herbaceous flavors of basil, parsley, rosemary, and sage.

Dry and outstanding finish. More wet tobacco and cigars coming out. Ti’ Punch. Dried kindling. Alfalfa supplements. Citrus zest and marigold flowers. Pampas grass, cattails, swamp grasses. Pine cones, oregano. Roasted agave flavors and lastly this unmistakeable drying wood deck.


Quite a plethora of tasting notes but it all harmonizes so well. I want to compare this to a briny, sour, ceviche. A fresh seaweed, seafood vibe that works. All those ocean flavors are combined with green herbs and a rich oily component. This is an amazing espadín and It’s fun from start to finish.

This is a must buy if you’re looking for an espadín that is full of character and punches well above its weight. I’m always surprised by espadín and no two are truly created the same.