NETA Madrecuixe 47.5% – Paula Aquino Sánchez

NETA flask from Agave Mixtape #7

This mezcal was distilled in copper pot stills back in November of 2020 from 1200kg of Madrecuixe. After a 5 day cook with mesquite and tepehuaje wood, it was then dry fermented for 2 days followed by just over a week of wet fermentation time. The final proof of 45.5% was achieved with heads, hearts and tails cuts.

Full details on this batch can be found over at Agave Mixtape.

On the nose I get this very distinct scallion pancake. It’s toasty, oily, and bright green onion flavors. Nothing is overly abrasive with every flavor being quite delicate. Wet hay with a faint mint flavor – more like a salad made with sorrel. Some edible flower and dandelion greens scents. Finally, some un-ripe kiwi fruit/rind.

Fantastic flavors on the palate. All in harmony with one another. Nothing fighting to get to the top with a swath of green, earthy, floralness and a touch of wood. Dried tea, parsley, peppers and cucumbers. A bit of salinity with a rich buttery creamy texture.

Lastly on the finish you get a lot of those grasses and hay flavors coming through. Light spice lingers on the palate like a pine wood or bitter fennel note.

To me, this takes that scallion or chive flavors and creates a very well-made spirit. I’ve experienced similar more caramelized onion flavors in other mezcal, but this one really nails that raw onion flavor while being extremely palatable. I think this is way more interesting than it presents itself initially. You can sit and enjoy just pure maguey flavor.