5 Sentidos Tobaziche 45.78% – Luis Enrique Juárez Ramírez

1 West Dupont Exclusive Agave Selection

This Tobaziche was distilled by Luis Enrique Juárez. The 3 ton batch of 10-15 year old agave was roasted for 3 days in an underground over. Tahona crushed and fermented in cypress tanks with spring water for 8 days. Distilled using a refrescador once then proofed down with spring water.

Tasting Notes

Wide range on the nose. A bit of earth and wood with a lot of herbal green qualities and metallic minerality. A pine evergreen scent. Not so much juniper but in a similar christmas tree vibe. Heavy on the dried vegetables and herbs. Leather, wet dirt, and slate. Burnt spices like you toasted them too long in a pan. Burnt sage smokiness. Lots of metals – Copper, Tin, and Aluminum flavors. A mild hay and marsh grasses.

A really high acidity kick on the first sip. Lemons and salt. That earthy flavor comes through as mushrooms and potatoes. Lots and lots of wood smoke on the palate. I imagine a potato casserole with cream of mushroom and lemons.

The finish keeps with the heavy smoke theme. Starchy root vegetables. Slight buttery flavor like severed over asparagus or artichoke. The burnt herbs and spices is the best way I can describe this. It’s like you forgot them on the stove for just a bit longer than they needed.


This is a very mood dependent glass. The burnt smoky flavors start to grow on you a bit and it really toes the line of acridity. It’s a real punch you in the face smoke. If the finish was drier, I would argue this would be awful. Instead you kind of are left with a salty, lemon brine note that’s surprisingly palatable.