Peerless Single Barrel Bourbon “Double Barreled Bourbon”

Jack Rose/Cinder BBQ Selection

A recent arrival for the DC area from Cinder BBQ and Jack Rose as a collaboration pick. This was dubbed “Double Barreled” as after 1 year of aging, it was then transferred to a new cask due to leakage. After another 5 years in the second barrel, it was finally bottled at 54.8%.

It has an absolutely unique dark red hue to it. At first glance you’d totally expect it to be a finished product. It’s absolutely viscous in the glass as well.

On the nose you are hit with this burnt sugar and clove. Incredibly sweet smelling with honey, orange, and a bit of cherry even. The alcohols are just a lovely sweet scent full of classic bourbon profiles but then a bright fruitiness comes through. It’s like a brûléed custard tart.

The barrel influence comes through loud and clear. It’s an incredibly ashy char note but lacks the tannins. There’s a nice clove and peppercorn spice to balance out the sweetness and that slight citrus note comes back. It’s however more of a citrus oil or pith bitterness. Unfortunately that viscosity in the glass is not found on the palate but it has a pleasant mouth feel all the same.

It was initially difficult to describe the finish because I wasn’t getting a dark chocolate note I would expect. Instead I got a lot of fresh woody flavors. The cacao notes are there but different. It’s more like chewing on the popsicle stick of a dark chocolate Magnum bar. Along with that dark chocolate like flavor is a nice balanced Tobacco note I’ve found in many other Peerless bottles. The dry tobacco and herbal quality leaves your palate leaves your palate salivating with a tinge of salinity.

Overall, this is a great single barrel. I was hoping for a smoked meat flavor given this is from a BBQ joint, but happy with the purchase anyway. It has it’s own unique flavor from the double cask maturation which in and of itself is interesting. Worthwhile purchase 100%.