Penelope Bourbon r/Bourbon Private Blend #001

A Custom Blend of MGP Whiskies

With batch #002 soon to come out, I felt it was a perfect time to review this year old sample from the back of my sample drawer.

Blended and selected by T8ke, lifoanaccountant, and TheBourbonFinder. The full process was broadcast live on YouTube back in august of 2020.

I get a lot of butterscotch and woodsy spices on the nose. It’s rather unassuming at first. As it sits there’s a bit of this tropical coconut milk scent that comes out. Some very light citrus along with dried fruits apricots and currents. There’s some apple flavors in there as well that reminds me of a cinnamon and clove spiced apple compote.

The palate leads with a lot of sweet, floral honey flavors. Much more oak than I expected. Wood and spices make up the bulk of the flavors I get. Clove and black pepper with a bit of all spice. Fresh cut lumber. Bit of a ginger snap cookie flavor.

The finish is really unfortunately rather short. Black pepper and toffee. Bit of burnt cookie or sugars. I really want to pull more out of it but it’s tough as you don’t get enough time with the whiskey.

I would describe this blend as just good. It’s somewhere in the middle on a 1-10 scale. The time put into blending makes this a fun experiment to try along with fellow whiskey fans. I’m not seeking out this bottle but the price point is right where it needs to be. Overall this is worth the price and now I’m intrigued how the blenders crafted batch #002.