Teeling 16 Year White Wine Finish 56%

Fine Wine and Good Spirits Selection

Quick review of a pair of Teeling single cask selections. I received samples of these and decided to side by side these reviews. Fine Wine and Good Spirits is the chain of Pennsylvania state run stores.

I rested this for a brief 5 minutes in a Túath Irish whisky glass and did not add any water. Auburn in color with medium legs in the glass.

Familiar cereal grain pot stilled scents. Dark stone fruits like plums or dates. Can definitely tell this is a wine cask with some grape/raisin. Very light dark brown sugar sweetness on the nose.

This is incredibly punchy on the palate for an Irish. Unfortunately it is not very pleasant. Not much here to complement. Bitter herbs. Tobacco dip. Pleather and cleaning agent. Very bitter barrel influence with just the slightest hint of wine.

The finish is just abhorrent to me. It’s overly bitter and dry with lots of barrel char and oak flavors. Not redeeming in the slightest.

Quite a contrast to the Calvados cask. Something sweet to something overly bitter and cask heavy. The finish lead off well and the flavor just did a 180. So much oak and not enough wine influence to me. It wasn’t particularly fruity. Curious what type of white wine cask and how many times it had been used previously for finishing. I personally would avoid this finish type in the future based on this dram.