NETA Ensamble 50.9% – Eliazar García Vásquez

NETA flask from Mezcal Mixtape #4

This ensamble is from a 60 liter batch from Eliazar Vásquez. Comprised of roughly equal parts Tepextate (250kg), Bicuixe (200kg), and Espadín (200kg). This was left to ferment just over 2 weeks in Montezuma cypress wood, before distilling in copper pot stills in March of 2020.

Incredibly herbal and almost anise nose. A sweet lemon and orange candy with big cucumber and bell pepper veg notes. Salty and mineral scent. Plastic frisbee left out in the sun. Smoked pineapple.

On the palate the citrus starts things off but quickly rotates with big roasted chili peppers. Wood ash and sweet lemon drops. Incredible mouth feel. Some black tea on the back end mellows out that roasty flavor nicely.

I’m still getting citrus candies like my grandmother used to give me. Fresh cut lumber and dried herbs. A nice chili-like heat. Bit of metallic, tin flavor. I was left wanting more as it was rather short lived.

This ensamble is lovely. Lots of fruit combined with a chili, metallic, minerality that I really enjoyed. The nose and palate shine with a smoked pineapple flavor. I am definitely going to seek out more from Eliazar and I hope more is imported. There is something special here for sure.